How it works


Traffic Spike Mitigation:

Using ADC to Smooth Traffic Spikes

  • Handling huge traffic spikes

  • Limiting the Connections to Serverss

  • Ensuring User Experience


Load Balancing:

Improve performance by distributing traffic among multiple system

  • Increase the capacity of systems

  • Ensure availability through failover capabilities

Modern Application Delivery Controller

AEN Series  - L4/L7 Switch

"Server load balancing "

Use Case

Pumpkin Networks brand is inspired by an image of pumpkin patches which are look like cluster linked in network.

Our Story

Leveraging our expertise in high-performance distributed computing, network traffic management, Pumpkin Networks will make modern software defined datacenter simpler to manage, faster, and more reliable.

Our Vision

Leveraging the full benefits of ADC Appliance, Pumpkin Networks Operating System(PNOS)

based AEN series delivers consistently high performance

combined with cost effectiveness. 


Tel: +82-2-863-9380

20, Digital-ro 31-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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